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For the beginner to the experienced, Drama & Acting classes will help to develop the acting skills needed for Plays, Scenes, Monologues, Musicals, Stage or TV auditions and more through group acting games and exercises, scene study and personal exploration. This is your weekend to design for your needs and talents so peruse the offered classes below to find the right class level or levels. Please note that all classes are subject to change due to enrollment or schedule availability.

DRAMA Class Requirements: Comfortable shoes and clothing. No open toe shoes or flip-flops/sandals. Clothing shouldn’t restrict movement. Please see below for other requirements in Audition Technique.



DRAMA 1: Recommended for students who are interested in acting for fun but not necessarily professionally, for students who are dancers or singers but never have acted or students who have acted in plays or musicals at school but have not taken an acting class prior to this. Drama 1 will help students discover their own unique point of view as an actor by exploring basic acting principles through warm-ups, improv games, and “blank” scenes (very short scenes with one-sentence lines that are general enough to be open to many interpretations). Also introduction of stage vocabulary.

DRAMA 2: Recommended for students who have attended other acting classes prior to ZAK-PAC or who have acted in several plays and/or musicals at school, in community theatre or even professionally. Drama 2 is designed for students who may be considering acting as a career or students who are interested in challenging themselves. Along with warm-ups, Drama 2 will introduce Shakespeare in the form of short monologues to use the direct address soliloquy as a way to build connections between performer and audience.

DRAMA 3: Recommended for advanced acting students in 10th thru 12th grades. Drama 3 explores an actor’s job of interpreting lines written by playwrights through the work of great writers such as Chekov. Students in Drama 3 will explore scene work, collaborate with scene partners, develop good stagecraft and build confidence in approaching classic material.

IMPROVISATION (level 1: 6-8th grades; level 2: 9-12th grades): Taught by Featured Guest & ZAK-PAC Ambassador Monica Horan with teacher/director Jane Baker! People are terrified of improv, and we will show you why it’s not only NOT scary, but it’s a blast! Misconceptions about improv are that there is no structure and you are “winging it.” Not true, there are specific rules. Learning and mastering these rules gives you great freedom and creates many great laughs when watching or performing Improv. The rules of Improv give you a purpose, means and a goal. This class will have you thinking, laughing, playing and laying the groundwork for you to become a better actor in all genres of performance. Joining Monica will be Jane Baker, teacher/director with the New England Youth Theater where she teaches Improv and Acting classes and directs plays throughout the year. “I’ve discovered that playing improv games makes me a better actor because the rules of improv require that I really listen to the person I am working with and add positively to what they are doing. Something that is not only important onstage, but in life! Ask my husband! Ha!” – Monica Horan, ZAK-PAC Ambassador.

THEATRE MOVEMENT FOR ACTORS: This class is designed for students of all levels who want to pursue theatre, but are not necessarily interested in being a dancer. Theatre Movement will train students to become emotionally and physically connected to their body through warm-ups, exercises, articulation and use of space. Theatre Movement will help to develop creativity and confidence in physical exploration while addressing the emotional tools needed to form clear ideas and characters. Please wear attire that allows movement. Freedom of expression is a must for the working actor and this class will help to start that journey!

HIP-HOP THEATRE: Taking Rap and weaving it into classical text, Hip-Hop Theatre is the modern day Shakespeare influence on theatre performance. This class urbanizes and transforms sonnets, verse, prose, and other classical text, with the help of rhythm and beats. Then, Hip-Hop movement is added to the new twisted verses to further express the words and flow created by the fusion of classical text and modern day rap. Hip-Hop theater is another avenue towards dramatic theater expression for all students. Materials will be provided.

AUDITION TECHNIQUE – ACTING: This class is designed for those students who wish to become more experienced at an acting audition. Students will be shown how to make the most of their time in the audition room. There will be focus on selecting proper monologues that are professional and reflect individual strengths and character. Students who volunteer will perform their monologue, or snippets from their monologue, with constructive critique from the instructor. If you’d like to be considered to present a monologue, prepare a short memorized monologue of no more than one minute in length. If there is time, a short monologue will be provided to some students by the instructor to rehearse cold readings. Not every student will be called on, however the class is designed for observation as well as discussion from all participants

COMMERCIAL AUDITION WORKSHOP: Recommended for 11-12th grade students. Commercial Acting workshop places emphasis on the specific skills required to audition for commercials and understanding how a certain type of commercial requires a certain set of auditioning skills. Topics will include: Understanding the three major types of commercials in order to enhance preparation for your audition; The commercial industry and what is current in terms of what clients look for; Specific skills in preparing commercial copy for your best audition; Discussion of “type,” how to identify your “type,” and how to best market it once you’ve identified it; Audition etiquette and how to interact with casting directors and/or clients; Discussion of appropriate hair/make-up and wardrobe. All of this will culminate in preparation of a piece of commercial copy, performing it, and receiving in-depth critique. After this course you will be prepared to do your best audition by following all of the tips and guidelines.

BUSINESS OF THEATRE: This class seminar is designed for all ZAK-PAC students interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts. Taught by three-time Gypsy Robe winner, Michelle Kittrell (who has the insight of both performing on Broadway to also representing actors starring on Broadway), the class will explore the art of ‘The Business’ discussing everything from the basics of headshots/resumes, the unions, universities/colleges, to information on the difference between agent and managers, how to find representation and how to book the job! Michelle will discuss the nuts and bolts of how ‘show business’ works and will take questions along the way- a very interactive class! No topic is too small or too large to tackle – so come prepared to gain the knowledge of the professionals! Parent or Guardian welcome to attend the class seminar with their registered student.

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