ZAK-PAC is an exhilarating and intensive theatre training program for students in GRADES 6 thru 12 providing up-close and personal instruction by professionals from top Regional Theatres, Universities, Broadway and Television!

Students are invited to choose five Master Classes over the 2 day convention in any discipline (Drama & Acting, Dance & Movement, Vocal & Speech) and in different levels (Beginner to Advanced or by specified Grade levels). Students may also select one complimentary solo Competition spot in any specified discipline for a chance to compete in front of a panel of jurors, all professionals in the business, who will give immediate constructive feedback about your monologue, song or dance. Three finalists in each competing discipline will be chosen at the Finale Showcase Event to perform. From those nine finalists, jurors will then select one student in each discipline to be crowned as the top finalist. Prizes are awarded to the top finalist in each discipline and one over-all ZAK-PAC attendee will be chosen. Runners-up will receive ZAK-PAC scholarships for any future ZAK-PAC event.

Additional Classes or Competition Spots as well as Private Audition Coachings for your upcoming college or theatre audition are all additional costs. See the Register page for more info. All participating ZAK-PAC students should attend the General Sessions (Opening/Masters Q&A, ZAK-PAC Wrap-Up, Finale Showcase Event), details of which can be found below. Sign up early! And see you at ZAK-PAC!


The following are all the General Session gatherings that will be held throughout the weekend for all participating ZAK-PAC students. These sessions are available to all ZAK-PAC participants and will help to acclimate students to the convention weekend and all the teachers and featured guests, as well as providing important information and other fun showcase events. All General Sessions are free to the ZAK-PAC community and are included with each individual registration:

REGISTRATION: All attending ZAK-PAC students must register prior to participating in the weekend schedule of events and classes. If students are attending both days, registration will open on Saturday 90 minutes before the Opening/Masters Q&A session. If students are only attending on Sunday, registration opens on Sunday 90 minutes before start of classes. A ZAK-PAC staff member will run the registration desk throughout the entire weekend for students arriving at any other time. Registration is also open for those students looking to add classes, private coachings or competitions for a respective fee to their schedule on site. The registration desk will have information on schedule of classes, events, venue information and more.

OPENING/MASTERS Q&A: All ZAK-PAC participants will attend the Opening session at the beginning of the first day to kick off the weekend ZAK-PAC event. Opening will include a musical number performed by the professional Teaching Artists and Features Guests. All teachers will be introduced and general information about the event will be provided. Immediately following is the Masters Q&A. Get to know theatre professionals from around the country, television and Broadway for impromptu questions, answers and fun anecdotes where no question is off limits to these fun and gracious performers.

ZAK-PAC WRAP-UP: The ZAK-PAC Wrap-Up will be held on Sunday after all classes and competitions are completed and before the Finale Showcase Event gathering. All students are encouraged to attend as a way to give feedback and discussion about their ZAK-PAC experience. This is your time to let us know what you’ve learned, experiences you want to share with the other students and recommendations and suggestions for future ZAK-PAC conventions. We want to hear from you!

FINALE SHOWCASE EVENT: The Finale Showcase Event is a must see for all ZAK-PAC attendees. Top Finalists chosen from the weekend of competitions in Dance & Movement, Vocal & Speech, and Drama & Acting will be announced at the Finale and will perform their selected competition in front of a larger panel of judges. Prizes will be awarded to one top pick per category as well as one overall ZAK-PAC participant. Scholarships to future ZAK-PAC conventions will be awarded to runners-up. The Finale Showcase Event, open for all ZAK-PAK participants, will be a great close to a weekend of exciting classes and competitions.

***Be sure to visit our CLASSES OVERVIEW page for information on our ZAK-PAC weekend Master Classes, Private Audition Coachings, Competitions and more!

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