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For the beginner to the experienced, Voice & Speech classes are designed to build the performer’s vocal instrument through song and speech exercises, breath support, vocal techniques, and more. Designed for actors, singers and dancers, these classes are crucial to maintaining a healthy approach to the performer’s voice. This is your weekend to design for your needs and talents so peruse the offered classes below to find the right class level or levels. Please note that all classes are subject to change due to enrollment or schedule availability.

VOCAL Class Requirements: Dress in clothing that allows for movement and comfort. Wear shoes that are supportive. For the Show Choir class, rehearsal dance wear and Jazz shoes or Jazz sneaker. Please see below for other requirements in Music Theory and Audition Technique.



SPEECH 1: This class is designed for those students just beginning to pursue acting, musical theatre and/or film or any student interested in improving their speech habits. Curriculum focuses on proper breath support, freeing the physical/vocal mechanism, teaching “neutral” General American speech sounds, removal of regionalisms/speech habits.

SPEECH 2: This more advanced Speech class is designed for those students with experience in vocal production and basic speech sounds. Curriculum focuses on key wording, phrasing, melody and inflection and more detailed text work.

SPEECH 3: Character, Animation and Dialect Workshop (recommended for 10-12th grade students): In this class, students will learn to develop and define character voices. The curriculum will include resonance placement, vocal patterning and character background, followed by detailed imagination and physical work to breathe life into character and animation text.

MUSIC THEORY/SIGHT-READING: Are you looking to improve on or even start your music theory and sight-reading skills? This class will cover basic knowledge of key signatures, time signatures, notation, dynamic and phrase markings and so much more. By the end of the class you will be able to play a simple melody line, just enough for you to teach yourself a piece for your show or audition. CLASS REQUIREMENT: (preferred but not needed) -An IPad or smart phone that can download the app POCKET PIANO. This way each student can have hands on experience. Also be prepared with pencils as you will be writing on staff paper. You will be given musical selections to learn and are asked to bring something of your own that you’d like to work on. It’s the perfect, no pressure class, where you’ll get the quick hands on training so you’ll feel confident to sit at the 88 keys and plunk out a tune!

AUDITION TECHNIQUE – VOCAL: This class is designed for those students who wish to become more experienced at a vocal audition. Students will be shown how to make the most of their time in the audition room. There will be focus on assembling a musical theatre songbook that is functional, professional and individual. Students who volunteer will sing one of their selections with constructive critique from the instructor. If you’d like to be considered to sing solo, prepare and bring piano/vocal sheet music for 16 bars of any musical theatre song. If there is time, a song will be provided by the instructor for group auditions and vocals. If students currently have a musical audition binder, they are encouraged to bring it. Not every student will be called on individually, however the class is designed for observation as well as discussion from all participants.

SHOW CHOIR: Recommended for students of all levels with an interest in musical theatre, applying both choral singing and dancing. This “GLEE” inspired class will focus on a complete musical number as students learn full vocals and choreography in just 2 hours. It’s fast. It’s fun! It’s educational! 

BUSINESS OF THEATRE: This class seminar is designed for all ZAK-PAC students interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts. Taught by three-time Gypsy Robe winner, Michelle Kittrell (who has the insight of both performing on Broadway to also representing actors starring on Broadway), the class will explore the art of ‘The Business’ discussing everything from the basics of headshots/resumes, the unions, universities/colleges, to information on the difference between agent and managers, how to find representation and how to book the job! Michelle will discuss the nuts and bolts of how ‘show business’ works and will take questions along the way- a very interactive class! No topic is too small or too large to tackle – so come prepared to gain the knowledge of the professionals! Parent or Guardian welcome to attend the class seminar with their registered student.

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